Course description

The biological activity of a crop protection product is determined by its active ingredient, which may be formulated to improve handling, storage, application and bioavailability.


Pesticide formulation addresses product stability and sprayability, leaf coverage and retention as well as active ingredient bioavailability - the extent a substance or active ingredient becomes available to its intended biological target site.


This course provides an insight into simple solutions, suspensions and emulsions of pesticidal active ingredients in solid and liquid formulations to the formulation of multiple active ingredients through complex formulations, as well as an overview of formulation strategies and trends.

What is the purpose of this course? Why would somebody be interested in this content? 

By understanding crop protection formulations – what they do and how they work - the application and bioavailability of active ingredients can be optimized, enhancing efficacy and providing product differentiation.

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What are the main learnings/takeaways from this course?

After taking this course, participants will have an understanding and overview of pesticide formulation as a technology to optimize the combination of pesticidal active and inert ingredients to make the final product biologically effective, stable and safe. Based on this overview, formulation strategies and selection criteria will be covered. In addition, formulation trends focusing on the shift to formulation types that are easier and safer to handle and apply, have reduced environmental toxicity, are able to combine multiple (often incompatible) active ingredients will be considered, as well as the unique requirements and challenges for biopesticide formulation.